Google’s free payment system, Docswave

Google’s free payment system, Docswave


Hello ! Let me introducing Docswave. I hope that it is helpful to your work or school.


1. Google based Workflow

Docswave is a Google based Smart Workflow service that helps to share the documents in sequence and make a quick decision while proceeding a business.
With Google account, it is available to use without joining the membership and users can write the draft document using a Google Docs.


If user writes a document, the approver can receive the notification mail, write the comments and approve it. If the final approval is completed, the notification mail for final approval will be sent to the requester and, at the same time, the documents shall be saved in Google Drive.

2. Docswave as a Groupware


The combination of Google Apps and Docswave is a new trend of the groupware market that provides the best business efficiency at the lowest cost. With the functions provided by Google Apps such as Gmail (e-mail), Google Drive (file storage), Google Calendar (calendar, schedule management), Hangout (messenger), Docswave allows you to use the functions of organization/member management, Workflow (e-approval, report business, etc…), and community (shared board). Google Apps that at present time, 5,000,000 enterprises are using, is the already globally authorized service for its value. Docswave, which was released in Feb. 2015, is the authorized service as groupware as much as 1,300 organizations are using within 5 months after unveiled in the market.



3. Same security level as Google and Google Drive Backup

Docswave is Google Apps-based web service which provides the best security equivalent to Google and supports the backup function through Google Drive. Thus, all documents used by users in Docswave are backed-up to Google Drive safely in the best security environment provided by Google.



4. Easy and Intuitive UI

Docswave provides various tips by function so that users can use the service without separate training, and also provides easy and intuitive UI such as drag and drop, etc..



5. Pricing

Docswave is free if you or your members have google accounts.  But we are going to offer Premium Version in May (2016). New features will be added to Docswave and those are more useful and helpful than its Basic version.


6. Clients


It is easy to start Docswave. Go to Docswave website( and Sign in with your Google account then you can create your own organization. It takes only 5 minutes to set it up.