VR Class Case “Huge Different”

VR Class Case “Huge Different”


It is time to teach the shape of the Moon and the Earth for 4th grade student.

“How can I get their mind?”

“Just search in youtube?”


There are some of the ideas in the mind.

Then, VR (virtual reality) comes to my thinking.

“I see! I’ll show the moon and the earth through VR to students!”


Using the App which name is “Titans of Space” what it can see the moon, I let them to see the shape of moon in VR.

However, the pupils don’t have any device.
So I use only my smartphone.

To share the vision of VR HMD, I used cast device which name is “castit”.
That made to show the student’ point of view on TV.


Of course, for students who are waiting for VR HMD, I used six Galaxy Tab devices which are school had.

I used the app which name is “the Solar System Scope”

The students were able to travel the past and future of the month and the earth.


Let’s listen to the student’s voices who participated in the class.


She said “different really.”

When I asked the “the picture is same?”

She said “It feel as real, it also have a variety of patterns that did not know, absolutely hilarious,”
Ever since that times, I made the face group to share ideas with other teacher who use VR.



I share my class video by 360 version with Ricoh Theta S.

If you have a concern my class using VR, You can see my youtube.