How to easily change Eng/Kor input on Chromebook

How to easily change Eng/Kor input on Chromebook


For those of you who have been using Macbook or Chromebook for a long time, may have thought changing language input isn’t always straight forward.

You either have to press combination of Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Space or install certain programs.

Today we want to share with you a tip on how to easily change language input back and forth.

Let’s begin.


When you first turn on your Chromebook, you need to set the language, keyboard input, and network.

Once the language is chosen, you are able to use Chromebook in that language.

For today’s example, we will change Chromebook’s language to Korean.

Select a network to proceed to the next step and finish off by logging into your Google account.

Voila! your Chromebook is ready.

How to easily change Eng/Kor input : Right Alt key


1. Press the icon on the bottom-right side of the screen > click keyboard > click customize languages and input.
2. You will then see a pop up which will show English(US), English, and Korean. Remove all languages except Korean.
3. Select Korean and click Done to complete.
4. Now you can just press Alt to change keyboard input.

If you have been pressing couple of keys to change keyboard input to this date,

you now know a way to conveniently achieve the same by pressing just Alt!