Pastel color LED light bulb using Plastimake

Pastel color LED light bulb using Plastimake


We finally received it! After a month-long wait on the international shipping, Poin2 Lab. now has a good amount of Plastimake in hands. We plan to use it for prototyping new products, fixing things, and you know, just for a lot of fun. For those who may be curious what Plastimake is, watch the YouTube video below.



So, what should we make for our very first Plastimake project?

Let’s start with something really simple. We will make a pastel-toned lightbulb using RGB LED.



Chichi seems to be interested in making something too.




There are two options when buying Plastimake: sculpting and moulding formula. Moulding Plastimake is softer than sculpting when heated so it’s easier to push it into moulds. We chose the Sculpting option.




Pour boiling water in a bowl and drop some Plastimake pieces into it. (Be careful, water’s really hot!) Wait until those white Plastimake pieces turn transparent like below, it takes about 20 to 30 seconds.



Take the heated chunk out of water, it’s still a little hot to touch with bare hands so let it cool down a little bit.



The real fun begins now! Start shaping the chunk into anything you want.



We covered LED head with Plastimake and shaped it like a balloon.



Then cooled it down in cold water.




Connect to an Arduino Nano…!





Watch it in action! The LED lightbulb now gives soft pastel-toned color, pretty cute, right?

We will start sharing more fun projects using Plastimake. Stay tuned!