Studying Chinese characters.

Studying Chinese characters.




Chinese characters are ideograms. Most of them came from hieroglyphics. Although hieroglyphics are character systems that have only symbols that represent specific objects, they are words or morphemes of language. It has also been developed as a symbol to classify the pronunciation and meaning of words.


The origin of Chinese characters is the archaeological evidence dating back to the 14th century BC. At this time, it was due to the fact that the decision was made by inserting the big war with the tortoise shell of the turtle or the bone of the beast. At first, it was called Oracle bone script (dragon bone), and when the body was sick, it grinded and grilled the powder in the civilian government. Then, in 1899,  a scholar of the Ch’ing Dynasty, and his disciple  began to collect these keels, wondering that strange characters were engraved on their bones. It was first discovered in Beijing’s medicinal form, but I noticed that the trace came from both sides of Henan. Then, in 1928, the excavation began in earnest was the capital of the country. Excavate 170,000 turtle shells and animal bones. I found that the characters used at that time were about 3,500.


The time when it used to use the bones was from the Neolithic era, but the only thing that literally carved characters was Yin dynasty. The main contents of the point are sacrifice, wind, wartime, agriculture, military, missions , disease, After the excavation, the sacrifices, politics, society, and economy of Yin dynasty (sometimes called Shang dynasty) were studied. It became the oldest dynasty of the legend. In a society where ceremonies and politics were held together, dots were commonplace. In the case of military punishment, drought, and judgment, the characters that talked with the gods were Chinese characters. The Hangul characters of Hanja are hiding the code of life culture of ancient nature, human, politics, economy, military. As long as human civilization continues to exist, that is why we connect the ancient life, the present, and the future.


As the letters of the early form began to change according to the times, the forms of Chinese characters, Chinese bronze inscriptions changed into the form of Chinese characters today. Therefore, it is good to induce curiosity among students who do not want to learn Chinese characters and learners who learn Chinese because of the figure form. As you learn the picture, you can see the process of making the Chinese characters. Learning from Chinese characters or Chinese characters can be a natural learning without learning strange things. If you look at the characters of the tortoise, it looks like a very difficult character to watch and follow. However, when we look closely at this letter, the top of the turtle is the head of the turtle, the body of the turtle, the two legs of the turtle on the left, the back of the turtle on the right, and the tail of the turtle. This is why it is a turtle, and it is a very difficult and difficult process to think of or think of the meaning of a turtle, without knowing whether it represents a turtle. So, in the beginning, you  do not have interest, you will give up learning Chinese characters and you  end up having difficulties . This is why the early difficulties in learning do not lead to interest in the process.


Nearly 70% of Korean is composed of Chinese characters. It uses the same pronunciation (homonym) but has a different meaning. The correct understanding of the meaning is difficult without the simultaneous notation of Chinese characters. There has been a lot of opposition to the proposal to use Chinese characters in elementary school. And the increase in the amount of learning leads to a decrease in the inducement of learning interest in other subjects. However, in order to increase the vocabulary with the understanding of the fundamental Chinese characters, it is natural that the learning can be done much faster if the Chinese characters are understood. The higher the grade, the greater the number of terms in Chinese characters in all textbooks and in terminology from textbooks. Slow pace of understanding of vocabulary means that understanding of the lesson of the subject is poor. If you do not understand the contents of the class, you will not understand because you are not interested in the class.


It is easy to connect and interpret other Chinese characters derived from one letter. For example, in combination with a temple, a man and a samurai, a wait together, a poem, a hand – (⺘) together with ⺘ (餅) and 牛 (牛 -> 牜) together with special special days and day days. Rain (雨) is the rain in the sky. It is cloudy when the snow is caught in the rain, cloudy when it is cloudy, dew is when the road is caught, and frosty when the phases are attached. 霧), when a field is attached, 雷 (lightning), and a stretch of deity, it becomes electric electricity(電). Rain in the form of a drop of water from the sky meets other climbers and represents weather or weather. Even if you do not know this exact pronunciation or meaning, you can see the meaning and pronunciation by itself if you watch or practice gradually. The extensibility of the words that can be combined with other Chinese characters is greatly increased. It is the expandability of vocabulary. When approaching to memorize or learn these letters blindly, it is common to have a saddle stinging headache immediately. The approach must be different. If you do not make it easy to start from a simple basic kanji in order from the one with the smallest number of strokes, there will be cases where you give up from the beginning.


One of the reasons why you have to do kanji is English law. Until now, English grammar was a sort of subject that I hated before I could memorize or read books. Grammar terms consist of Chinese characters. For example, Subject (S), Verb (V), Object (O), and Complement (C) are essential elements of the sentence structure. To give is to be the master in the sentence with the Subject. A verb is a Move (動詞) that represents the movement of a subject in a sentence. Only nouns are allowed to be masters in sentences. The types of nouns include proper nouns, abstract nouns, common nouns, aggregate nouns, and material nouns, and pronouns in lieu of nouns There are person pronouns (pronouns pronouns) and directive pronouns (pronoun pronouns) in place of people, and there are related pronouns (relational pronouns) that link sentences and sentences and act as both connections and pronouns. If the verb becomes a noun to become a noun, then the role becomes the role of the noun while having the meaning of the verb.


In addition to English, vocabulary is in Chinese characters in all subjects such as mathematics, science, and society. Thus, the higher the grade, the less comprehension, the less efficient the learning and the less interested in study. It is good to let students know how to study, but we can see how important the role of early teachers and parents is. This is one of the reasons why children can not study if their parents are not studying.


Comic books to learn Chinese characters with the Greek roman comic published a few years ago has become an extraordinary bestseller. This is because you are able to learn Chinese characters and to learn about the classics of Greece. After you start learning, there is an application for Chinese characters such as “Kanji Study Q” to check what you have learned. Select the kanji series to be learned, store the contents, and check the progress. You can also practice writing and erasing, not checking after a one-sided check. It is easy to follow the order of writing because it shows easy writing and ordering. Because it is a cell phone application, you can improve your level by practicing for the goal of learning Chinese characters anytime and anywhere. It is helpful to subscribe to a newspaper with a lot of Chinese characters notation and to practice writing along with a ballpoint pen or a pen on the margin of a newspaper. Apple’s smartphone iPhone has a speaking feature. If you can not read kanji in Japanese newspaper article on smartphone, you can also read kanji by selecting text and using speech function. Speaking function can be used in English newspaper or site. After selecting text and using speech function, it is read to native speaker. It is one of the functions that help a lot of language study.


Learning Chinese characters should be an interesting learning process, just like any other study. It is the responsibility of those who create interest or who teach and lead such an environment. Studying kanji is a basic study in Eastern countries. It may also be a better place to learn Chinese and Japanese. You have to study kanji. It is not the concept that we should not speak, but Studying Chinese characters is already breathing in our lives, but we just do not realize it. What you need to do right now is the mind of the learner. If you have many choices, you can pick up many. Books, mixed-language major books, cartoons, drawings made of cartoons, and smart applications.