Tea makes mankind comfortable

Tea makes mankind comfortable




Tea started in China and spread worldwide. Tei made tea leaves from Camellia Sinessis in Yunnan, China. The East India Company changed this word to “thee” and spread it to Europe. Since then, it has spread from the middle of the 1630s to France, Germany, the Dutch colonies of the United States and the United Kingdom.


South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, etc., mainly drink green tea in East Asia. Today, 65% of global tea production is black tea. The history of tea is 5000 years, but tea goes back to Fujian province in 1600, 400 years ago. In the mountains of Fujian Province in southern China, people living in Tóng mùcūn lived to make green tea. One day the Qing Dynasty army came in, and after the villagers had evacuated, the tea leaves were ruined. As a rule of law, they made fire with pine branches and dried tea leaves and sold them to the market. The tea, which had to be sold at a low price, was sold to Western merchants and demanded at several times the price. In addition, when importing vessels in the 17th century, it is said that black tea became natural fermentation due to the hot sun of the equator.


Japan calls tea ceremony Cha no Yu. It means to soak tea in hot water. It is not as easy as it sounds in a country that cares about the most formal and procedural aspects of the world. A Japanese monk who visited China in the 9th century began to learn Chinese tea ceremony. In the sixteenth century, Sen no Rikyu established the guidelines and spirit of tea ceremonies such as Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Harmony, Purity, and Tranquility. No tea should be the same. Because tea is different from person to person, atmosphere of space is different, so tea should be different. This is called the Ichi Go Ichi E. It means that you should do your best with “a precious bond that you can meet only once in your life”. It is well known in the tea ceremony how much the Japanese treat people dearly and thankfully.


In addition to Asia, tea usually refers to drinking tea. In recent years, the demand for black tea has rapidly increased, which has been a cause of rebellion in the historical events of the American Revolutionary War and the Opium War in China. It was dissatisfied when the United States raised tariffs on black tea in the UK before it became independent from Britain. Here, the famous saying “no tax is imposed where there is no representative”. Americans become fires of the War of Independence after burning black tea in Boston’s harbor. Tea cultivation was monopolized by China, but the import volume of British people drank tea. It is the beginning of the Opium War that cultivating and selling opium is not enough for paying the price of tea to China. Green tea is classified into green tea, white tea, yellow tea, tea, black tea, and surplus according to the method of making. According to the fermentation, non-fermented tea, white tea, yellow tea, tea are partially fermented tea, black tea is fermented tea, black tea is after fermentation tea.


There is a saying in Turkey that coffee is as black as hell, as strong as death, and as sweet as love. Coffee originated in the area called kaffa. Because of the sparkling effect, coffee, which meant power, was brought to Europe from Arabia and became the word coffee today. The coffee hometown is the Abyssinia plateau of Ethiopia. in Africa, and shepherd boy Caldi discovered an exciting sheep when he eats only one day. When he ate the fruit, his fatigue disappeared and his mood improved. This fruit was introduced to an Islamic monk in the village. When they drink coffee, their sleepiness disappears and their mind becomes clear. Rumors of coffee were introduced to various temples and used to pray.


In the mid-seventeenth century, Pope Clemens VIII asked Christians to “ban the devil’s drink” for the pope’s displeasure with the coffee being sooty. The pope, however, baptized coffee, saying, “I baptize coffee and break the demon’s nose.” Under the Pope’s authorization, a coffee house was created throughout Europe and settled in the daily life of Europeans. Europeans called coffee an Arabian wine. As Europeans enjoyed coffee, Europeans mass-produced coffee in overseas colonies such as Indonesia, Colombia and Brazil, and black slaves and Aborigines were put into coffee farms. Coffee became a drink made from the sweat of black slaves.


In Italy, Cappuccino is a rich bubble coffee. Cappuccino circa 1950 comes from the fact that the monks in the Franciscans conceal their heads with capychin friars, covering the hot coffee with rich bubbles. It was said that the color of coffee mixed with milk was similar to the color of the capuchin monks’ wardrobe. France is a country of salons. As the tea culture is developed with the royal family of France, a salon culture is born naturally. Unlike tea and salmon, it is a place to enjoy tea and refreshments. ” If you are a Parisian, then this must be the open-air cafe. “The relationship between my house and the cafe is like the relationship between marriage and love,” and “The cafe is a place where all the advantages of the house are removed, but the disadvantage is removed.” The great achievements of all of France ‘s great writers came from cafes.


In Korea, a woman called Sontag, who served emperor during the reign of Emperor Gojong, opened the first coffee shop in our country. In the official , Kojong first saw the taste of coffee at the Russian embassy in 1896 during the Agapanchon. In 1877, the Netherlands delivered the first Japanese cafe to Inoue. In 1969, Japan made his first canned coffee.Starbucks is a coffee shop with a star on top of a green fish fairy. The elves of this painting are tempted to go anywhere in the world.


Starbucks is the name of the first mate named “Starbuck” in the Herman Melville novel “Moby Dick” (whisker) Pequod. Starbuck has often drank coffee during sailing. In the novel, the heroine, AHAPH, lost one leg to a whale and burned with vengeance, searching for a white whale Moby Dick. There was a siren on the bow of the ship. This Starbuck logo is a long-haired mermaid called Siren in Greek mythology. In the story, “Iliad and Odyssey,” where Odysseus returns to his hometown after the Trojan War, he come into the story. IHe sailed back to his hometown. During the voyage, when the enchanting  voices heard from Sirens, He blocked the cords in his ears. His followers tied himself up to the pillars and if he asked  to release him from the temptations of the Sirens, they were ordered to tie up him . It is a story that will eventually survive. Starbucks is the reason why the temptation of Sirens is constantly coming to customers even without advertising.


Coffee and tea from a few countries were drunk worldwide. Starbucks can use the app to specify where it is closest to where it is currently, to suit individual tastes. You can order drinks with your smartphone and go to that point and find what you ordered right away.


 It is living in an age where everyone can share the space of music and fragrance.

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