Impression is made by storytelling.

Impression is made by storytelling.



In the judgment of the President of the Republic of Korea imposed on the impeachment trial, On March 10, the Korean congressional impeachment sentence adopted the verdict.  “but” used four times,   “however” was used to switch the sentence content of the decision three times. It brings out dramatic elements in storytelling and results in reversal. All the people went uphill and downhill watching TV on the impeachment sentence. The reversal of this storytelling came from interesting stories.


According to Rolf Jensen,  humankind has lived in the hunting language  as a collection society, an agricultural society, an industrial society, and an information society. After the information society, it is called “Dream Society.” This society is a society that sells dreams and emotions. Humanity who is tired of efficiency-oriented industrial society and information society is looking for more and more dreams and emotions. The selling of people’s dreams and emotions has become very important in business, and the core competitiveness of dreams and emotions is stories. It makes drama , games, and movie making story.


Such stories are interesting and moving because there is a dramatic reversal between conflicts and conflicts. The greatest inversion to resolve conflicts is a funny or touching story. For natural reversal, proper placement of evidence to support reversal in the middle is required. It is O. Henry who made the best use of  dramatic reverse. O. Henry ‘s The Gift of the Magi, there was a poor couple. Poor, but love for each other was stronger than anyone else. When Christmas approaches each other, they start to worry. There was no money to buy a present. Her husband tried to sell her watch and present a fine comb to her. She also sells her delicate hair and presents a watch band to her husband. But when she enter the house, the atmosphere is reversed. The woman who cut her hair had no need the comb,  no use and her husband had already sold her watch. But she comforts that her hair will grow sooner. Now my husband is going to comfort me, but her husband smiles. they bought a gift that strayed from each other, but the story ends up with a happy ending, confirming each other’s love.


There is a testimonial called “Sangjimma”. In China, it is called a “Sàiwēngshīmǎ( 塞翁失马)”. If you interpret it, it means that the old man on the far side loses his horse. The story was told by an old man on the northern side of China. As the horse ran away, the neighbors comforted the old man that the horse had run away. However, the elderly lived dumbfounded, not disappointed that it might be blessed. Soon after, the horse that had run away came to the old man leading the wild horses. People congratulated him for being rich. But it made him look angry. After that, his son was hurt by a good horse. His son was hurt and people comforted him. The old man showed an attitude that it would be a blessing. After that, the barbarians broke down and many men were conscripted and fought, but the old man’s son survived because he was not conscripted because his leg was hurt. It is a series of reversals in reverse.


Planet of the Apes is a movie of 1968. It was the year 2673. An astronaut in the future finds a diary written on glass in space. His party collides with the sea of a planet. It has been featured on TV as a feature film when I was in high school. Three of them, including heroine Willis, flee from horses and shoot monkeys. The captured captain will have a sympathy with the female chimpanzee Jira who researches the domestication of human. The planet was originally the ruler of humans, but the apes have changed the position of humans due to numerical decline and intelligence. From the dangers of the conservative and venerable orangutans, the party escapes from Willis. Escape to the experimental satellite created by the apes. Willis travels to the earth he dreams of, but the earth after 700 years has also become the planet of the ape. But the astronaut who read the diary is nothing but a novel. This is because the chimpanzee was the one who read the letters so far. It is the planet which occupied by the apes in the place where it landed by braking, but escape by the skin of one’s teeth, and the earth which arrived was planet of the ape. The fact that the reader of the earthly ape story is a chimpanzee has the opposite factor in the reverse.


Storytelling is often used for presentations. It is a simple Prezi that is used by young people recently to fully use that impact. Even when using PowerPoint, the effect is good if there is a good impact on the slide elements. Of course, the presentation must contain elements of reverses. Used in classes, lectures, proposals or proposals. It is the reverse component that must be included between scenes and scenes. It is possible to achieve the goal of the presentation by constructing a plot of the story with the reverse of the various images and illustrations. The persuasive power and effect of the reverse of the plot are different from those of none reverse.


There is a program called Dramatica  Pro and Final Draft as authoring tools to create stories. Also there is free software that helps you create these stories in Korea. That’s the Story Helper. NCsoft has made it in the aspect of corporate social contribution. The story-based helpers of case-based reasoning enable us to derive essential ideas for producing content such as novels, movies, dramas, animations, and games. It is software that supports the production of various storytelling by completing a new story. They initially supported it on the web, but they updated it again so that it could be used on mobile too. It is becoming a free service for the development of the scenario industry and contents industry in Korea. There is a data base on the plot of the 1,500 films and characteristics of the characters. It is a work that has proven global popularity, and it is a work with popularity, workability, and narrative. It is composed of about 12 million elements. It consists of various contents for studying or creating storytelling.

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