The plan changes the fate

The plan changes the fate



Google’s calendar is scheduled to be synchronized on all smart devices and can be edited and shared at any time. Paper planners, on the other hand, have advantages in terms of cost, portability and maintenance. It is forcibly terminated, or free from memory shortage. The DIY Planner system provides an extensive PDF template that individuals can choose as they like. Http://


The $ 100 dollar person is called the American father who has had the greatest impact on American independence. I was born in the house making soap and candles. When I was 14 years old, I quit my school and started to work at a printing shop. Benjamin Franklin had treasures that were as precious as books. It was a handbook used to check and reflect on daily routines when doing business. Franklin planned and performed the work to be done by year, month, and day. We also systematically recorded and managed the operational plan of the funds, and the details of the income and expenditure. Details related to home management were also specified. He also wrote down the good stories of the people he met while covering the great texts. Thus, the Franklin diary is called the planner’s pronoun.


Dr. Peter Drucker, a godfather in business administration, says his management depends on time management. You can find and create value through time management. You should study and develop your own know-how for time use.


Investment proprietor Warren Buffett said he wants to work until he is 100 years old when he is eighty years old. At the age of 82, his dream and hope were to plan for another 30 years. It meant that I would not stop working until I died.


Time magazine selected Malcolm Gladwell as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. He tells the law of 10,000 hours in outliers. If you want to be an expert in any field, you have to invest at least ten thousand hours of patience.


William James of Harvard University says, “When you change your mind, you change your behavior. If you change your behavior, your habits change. If you change your habits, your personality changes. If your personality changes, your fate changes.” All happiness in our lives depends on the habit. Even if only the habit is changed, the fate of oneself can be changed.


During my school days, my friends once used to think that their grades were good and that they were doing better than others. Aesop’s Fables In the races of The Tortoise and the Hare, he sprang in the early stages and was comfortable with his position and life, so he did not know he had already surpassed himself. Steve Jobs always emphasizes living in scarcity. Cartoonist Lee Hyun-se folds his dream for a moment when his friend draws comics more quickly than he can. Since then, it has been a lot of time, and I have been constantly drawing my own paintings every day and every moment to tell myself that I was able to reach a profound level that my friend could not climb. The natural talent is one day limited, but the ability to win a competition with a talented person for a long time in a day requires patience with a thorough plan.


There are many ways to read one book a week. But there is someone who only thinks about reading a book in a week. You need a specific plan to read the book in a week. If you carry a book in a visible place that you have a plan, you should check the amount of reading. It is important to leave the plan in the most prominent place and check it out. If you have a 700-page book, you can read it in a week or less by reading 100 pages a day. Mark the page on a page that you can read 100 pages per day. Time should be specified in reading time during the day. To do so, a 24-hour plan must be made specifically. You must wake up early in the morning or spend up to 100 pages a day late at night. It is important that you read the book within a week after a week, but the results are different for those who are willing and willing to read the book within a week. I have not read it until the end in a week, but I will read more than half of it. It will take another week to read the book. I did not read that book a year ago, but you will know how great it is to be able to read it in two weeks.


There are various schedule management apps and tools. If you do not open the app or open the app, you can forget about it. You can see on a piece of paper a week’s worth of schedules for a day, and when you check or check it, you will be told to watch it many times and do it in your own brain. Constantly signaling to oneself in memory or making them visible prevents me from lazing. Let’s buy a Franklin diary today. Let’s split the 24-hour day of the day and make a schedule and carry it around or look at the desk or work. Amazingly, you will see yourself changing. Let’s move on to practice once. This is the first step to change your destiny.

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