The keyboard is the life

The keyboard is the life



In English, I use the word afk (Away From Keyboard). In traditional PC communications or Internet chat windows, when I see other things for a while, or when I leave, some people symbolize that I am out of work. The result of the screen you enter by typing a keyboard is different. So what is life on the keyboard?


Recently, Computational Thinking, the stories that can be used to implement the program or logic that you want to create by coding creative ideas in the coding education.  Keyboards have long been one of the input tools for operating a computer, whether physical or virtual. When working with documents or the Internet, it is often faster and more effective to use a keyboard shortcut than to click and open each one. In life, too, there is a lot of difference between finding and solving problems, studying them immediately, and taking no measures. The keyboard will exist until it is fully functional using artificial intelligence. There are many aspects of this keyboard that look like life.


Windows Logo + X key has various functions. The first is programs and functions, power, event viewer, system, device manager, disk management, command prompt, task manager, control panel, file explorer, search, run, and desktop view. There is a time when you are living your life and you can not see something when you hit something against the wall. At that time, we wonder where we should go and ask anyone. It would be nice if we did not meet these things, but unfortunately it is something we can not avoid. It is good to have integrated experiences and to read books. The book tells us how the old people lived and what they went through in the future. It is helpful to read the classics of the Orient evenly, starting from the Greek Classics.


The keyboard tells you which key you need to hold when you have any problems or difficulties in your life, when you are happy or joyful. It depends on how the person who holds the key inputs it. Activate the menu bar in the F10 program. When the program is running, F10 will display the appropriate help in that situation. When we do not know what to do and what to do in life, we try to ask someone for help or find a way to solve it. When you do not know the solution, find a solution or a book with a solution. Like F10, we want to get help at once, but it does not teach me life so easily. The more difficult it is to withdraw knowledge or technology than to withdraw it easily, the deeper the root of the depth of knowledge or technology becomes. When you learn hard, skills and knowledge are strengthened and integrated.


Ctrl + A is the entire selection. You can select one object by selecting it with the mouse. It is used to make the entire contents of the document or current screen. If you are not seeing the current situation and the solution of the problem given to you, you should have an eye to see the whole thing in one and one by one in the whole. You have to make a copy to pick the whole thing and bring it to me. Ctrl + C is the whole thing that can be brought up. If you encounter a similar situation with an invisible but experienced experience and difficult circumstances, apply Paste (Ctrl + V) again. If you want to print directly instead of pasting it on the screen, print it with Ctrl + P. You need to run in front and start clean again for erroneous, heartbreaking things to come up and repeat. It is better to start a new one than to run it or to contend with things that have already passed. Use Crtl + N to do so.


There are things that you do not do well when you are working, erasing it or giving it a wrong command. There is a Ctrl + Z to revert to the previous state. It would be nice if things that were once done wrong, wrongly chosen ways could be restored to their previous state, but it would be too late to return to the previous state and work again. This is also the period of study. After the option or function keys disappear from the screen, everything is late.


In the lower-case Hangul Word, Window + D will drop all windows that are on. Alt + shift + w / n is used to wide or narrow the kerning. Alt + shift + f / g selects the font. Alt + shift + e / r makes the text larger or smaller. It is more effective to use the above key by making a whole selection with ctrl + a. When you load an image, select a picture, press Alt + Shift, and pull the picture with the mouse to crop the picture. When capturing a screen, it is very useful when cutting unnecessary parts. We want our life to be as simple and simple as a shortcut.


When you are in school, you should study and be ready for social life when you are in your 20s. Backspace or Delete keys do not modify one by one, but traces of scratching and pain make a more complete sentence. During the school days, you should practice and practice many options, such as Alt + Tab. It will give you a good base to practice and experience well. Life does not return things that do not work well or do things wrong, like Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + C. It does not copy the beautiful, wonderful, and happy days and make them the same. It is literally the only one time of the Enter key.


In the AI era, physical and virtual keyboards may no longer be needed. Perhaps it is because there is no need to remember and remember the input. Also, by letting you type by voice command, all the keyboards will now go inside the screen. Humans, who can create and utilize ideas that machines can not, rather than mechanical ideas, have a competitive edge. Thinking keyboards will come into our minds and make our lives fresh.

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