Collaboration has made mankind exist

Collaboration has made mankind exist



In the process of recognizing and communicating existence, humans create something different from other animals. It is a means of communication, such as language and symbolic systems. We have developed communication to connect more people and humans. The product of smooth social cooperation of human relations is culture. Human beings have communicated accumulated culture through social life and cooperation in accordance with the times.


Coexistence is necessary among all things in the digital industry. Different technologies come together to create a much better, more interesting, and attractive product. In education, our life style and work style are fundamentally innovating. What are we doing through collaboration through video, social networking, and information exchange via mobile phones? Learning how to acquire knowledge based on such knowledge and skills, and how to meet people.


Don Tab Scott has emphasized corporate collaboration in the digital age at his book, Wikinomics. The Internet is not just a search tool, but a new platform for the world to collaborate. The Internet leads to changes in the structure and design of enterprises and businesses. Continue to produce products and services while pursuing innovation. And they have changed the ways of making connections with the world.


Wikinomics focuses on business and shows the movements of collective intelligence that are closely related to our lives. The Wiki method is affecting virtually everywhere we live – government, education, finance, insurance, science, education, medical care, environment, media and international diplomacy.


The revolution in Tunisia and Egypt in the Arab Spring shows the revolution that the collective intellect has called. If Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube were not there, the Middle East spring might not have come. Tunisia’s new Minister of Infrastructure Transport said that “social networks, Twitter and text messaging played a major role in the revolution,” he said.


The social structure of the AI era has brought about a significant turning point. Past models and approaches lead to situations where structural paralysis or complete collapse is required. The pros and cons of existence have been determined by whether a society and organization should be allowed to accept identity, resurrection, atrophy, and revival. In order to solve the problems and problems of society and organization, it is necessary to have robust platforms for collecting talents, skills and knowledge. Future changes will vary depending on how individuals, individuals, organizations and organizations, and countries and nations are actively collecting and utilizing ideas and passions and creativity. It is possible only when collaboration through physical interaction takes social innovation.


The bee and the sheep live in a herd. Crows and starlings are also crowded. Starling is famous for its dancing. In the daytime they go around searching for food. At sunset, they fly from a distance of more than 30 kilometers and form a ministerial position. When a predator, like a hawk, appears at the time of military service, the starling collects as a group and moves away. They open group defense description. It is also a way to overcome the cold overnight. The starling of Starling does not have a particular leader. Collaborative and collective leadership exists. Researchers say that when they go to military service, they never hit each other or cause injuries. Starling tells us what to do when we are challenged by an important thing, who is an earthling, beyond individuals. Collaboration requires openness and interdependence. We can not survive if we are not all together.


Airbnb  is a company that started in 2008 in the new United States of America without having a hotel. (Air bed and breakfast). When the unemployed Cesky and Geevia met at the San Francisco Design Conference in San Francisco, the lack of accommodation began with three mattresses in their living room. It has decided to make money by providing beds for it. Now it is threatening the existing hotels. The same is true of Uber who has not owned a taxi and has swept the entire world through his taxi business. They started with the idea of sharing what they needed and sharing with others and helping each other.


The author of the “Sapiens tells of “communication and cooperation” with the ability of humans to survive in hardships with other animals and lead humanity. The reason why this could be fundamentally possible is pointing to the ‘imagination’ that only humans have. Human imagination is ‘looking for new ideas or concepts, or combining new ideas and concepts in the past’. It is necessary to establish a step-by-step curriculum to cultivate creative buds with a variety of ideas and concepts, and to create fruitful fruits. The emergence of content through such curriculum should come from learning.


In future societies, the achievement of learning should come from students. In order to do that, the messages you have to give to the students are important. It is important to return the subject of learning to the students so that they can trust their growth potential.

“Curiosity transcends races like Asia, Europe, etc. It instills the initiative of their own learning and stimulates the enthusiasm of all people. Which has evolved over millions of years and preceded cultural differences: the opportunity to instill creativity in students, the opportunity to interact, and the opportunity to take the initiative in learning. It is equal in learning. ” Harvard University Eric Mazur says that when learning about cooperative learning, they find out their problems during class and understand their problems and then get feedback and compare with other students.


The rate at which science acquires knowledge is faster than the rate at which society acquires wisdom. The influence of new technology has become stronger. That knowledge can easily destroy life. It is necessary for the society to coexist more than technology to enjoy the benefits of technology. In order for human beings to coexist with technology, ethical and moral standards must also be established. We are adding ethics courses to the MBA curriculum. The social happiness paradigm shifting of knowledge of science and technology is needed centering on ethics. Ethics should be included in the technical courses of all universities related to technology in the field of education. Government leaders should set appropriate ethical standards and integrate science, technology education and ethics. We should pay attention to the potential of technologies that dare to abandon old regulations and contribute to society.

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