Why do flowers bloom?

Why do flowers bloom?



When spring comes, flowers bloom. What does the flower bloom for? All kinds of butterflies and bees are in search of flowers. Flowers are fragrant or gorgeous, so butterflies and bees fly. If flowers and bees do not come, they can not bear fruit. So, in order to produce even more fruit, the flowers display a fragrant or splendid appearance.


People also have spring. We call it puberty. It is also called the disease of middle school . This puberty is the time to bloom. Adolescents also start to look at their looks to find their mate. She also makes makeup, changes her hair style, and begins to decorate with accessories. It is the preparation of natural change. Schools also control students, accessories, and hair to make up. But the naturalness they are trying to decorate is blocked by studying at the school . The body craves to find a partner, but they do not know how much they hate it because they have to continue studying.


It is defenseless without knowing what it might go out to so-called. As I raised children, I once went to school each time for a fight and trouble with friends in school. The feeling of being called to school during work is a misery. Moreover, it is even more embarrassing that the children’s dad is a school teacher. It is not such a child who listened to good words when speaking at a young age. Usually, my parents say that my child is such a child. Adolescents vary their attempts to find their identity. It is an instinct for survival that they are willing to look at things that they would not normally be interested in. It is one of the instincts for survival that many of you are interested in your appearance or reason in puberty. How to pioneer this survival when you become an adult is linked to the career path. To survive, they undergo trial and error.


Then you pick the one that suits you best. Without these attempts, you will graduate from college and try to connect with your career again. It would be good if it was connected with his career that was attempted in adolescence. When puberty is over or you are a little bit sick, you find that you can no longer follow the progress of your studies. Students who study hard a little when they are young will have a stepping stone to start on that basis. It is hard for them to understand high school mathematics or English subjects without foundation and catch up with their studies. Moreover, there is no desire to study. Satisfaction or motivation for studying is self-conscious when you like it or when you are satisfied.


The reason the flowers bloom is to make fruit. The fruit is a flower crystal. When the flower is taken, it goes into work for the fruit to do its best. Flowers are not greedy and can not exist with fruit at the same time for ever. Flowers should be sold solely for fruit. It makes the fruit stronger. The reason why it is wrapped in solid outer sheath like peach is to survive from other competitors. Like a watermelon or a melon, a slippery  slip from the body. It is for people to eat, move and spread more in the place where they are discharged. It is the instinct of survival that the dandelion makes a halloween and flew away in the wind, and to bloom on the wall and the earth mud.


South Korea is elaborate and fast in hand techniques. It can be seen in the gayageum of Ureuk and the geomungo more than a thousand years before the violin of Italy. Rapid Metal Crafts, Goryeo Celadon, the world’s first metal type, and UNESCO’s cultural heritage, show the creativity and competitiveness. Not only does this history and tradition have four distinct seasons, but extreme climate changes such as typhoons and droughts. It has changed the form of food and shelter according to these changes. It is adaptive and convenient. While surviving numerous invasions from neighboring countries, they survived by mixing with Confucian traditional culture.


In terms of creativity, France has the visual creativity of famous painters such as Gauguin, Manet, Monet, Chagall and others. Britain is a popular creativity like the Beatles, Queen and Rolling Stone. In Sweden, the social welfare system is ideal, and it has human-centered creativity like IKEA. The country that created the art of minimalism without regard to the form is by far Italy. Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, and the handicrafts of Ferrari and Lamborghini are the best. Germany is a place of logical creativity like Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche. The country and the climate are related to creativity.


As a person goes from child to adult, puberty becomes an adult. In his book, How Children Succeed, Paul Tough emphasizes success is based on courage, curiosity, and persistence rather than IQ. You have to learn how to overcome adversity and overcome it. The children in the lowest socioeconomy are less likely to experience success due to the challenges they face when faced with difficulties and the lack of resources.In contrast, the best environmentally, smart, praiseworthy, and piously grown children save the helicopter parents from their troubles. I have never overcome adversity and have never mastered the qualities necessary for success.


Many schools have started introducing problem-based learning methods that are appropriate for a changing world. Instead of blackboard and lecture classroom, we are moving on to group discussion study. The same group should collaborate with each other to give various opinions and ideas, and to practice a lot of problems and solutions.

In Mencius’ s Hagami chapter, the heavenly people are asked to test four kinds of adversity and trials when they try to entrust a person with a great deal of work.


When the heavens commit a great task in the future, they will first cause pain in their minds and wills, afflict bones and muscles, starve their bodies and skin. It makes the person’s situation poor. To give such a trial and suffering is to raise a tolerant castle so that it is filled with things that are not good, so that it can be well done and let it do a great job.


Seeds sprout and flowers bloom to overcome the harsh cold, snow, and rainstorm for the future fruit. Adolescents practicing new ideas will make their own more and more robust by their interests and trial and error through various attempts. This is the reason why flowers bloom in spring.

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