Reading relieves stress

Reading relieves stress



When I was in a school, my parents often told me to read books. At that time, it was better to play in the alley with friends than with books. I got married and had kids to read and read books, but they could not keep reading habits and the big boy became a college student.


The reason he does not read books is because he prefer watching TV or movies rather than reading books. Or reading a book may not be in his life pattern. Reading a book is like a person ‘s whole life coming into us. As an autobiographer, we would have experienced the entire life of the person from birth to death for several hours. As for me, it is now four years since I started reading books. Is it because of my head getting better? Reading speed is getting faster. Literature comes out in a variety of characters, and the structure of the conflict comes out of the story. I looked at the character of the character and read it again. I became the main character in the moment and became the enemy of the main character.


It refers to the law of the American writer James Boatkin 15: 4 (15: 4rule). If you think 15 minutes before you work, you can save 4 hours. If you do not want to waste your time, you have to plan and start what you want to do. Evrim Lincoln says, ‘If you fail the plan, you plan to fail.’ Not only is planning a failure, but also a waste of time. So if Lincoln had the time to use it to beat the firewood, he would use it to build six of those eight. Successful people first start with a big picture and a plan.


If you think that you are the best, you will have the effect of mistaking the person in the cerebrum even if it is not in reality. It first becomes highest in the brain, then the body and behavior dominate. In the end, I have a ‘regulatory effect’ that defines and changes this kind of person. Sato Tomoi says that happiness also becomes ‘happiness if you tell yourself that you are happy.’


Reading a good book is like talking to the greatest people over the centuries, says Descartes. Favre says, ‘Everyone has a book in their minds.’ How one book can change a person’s life depends on how he or she reads the book.


In the past, it was a talented person with only knowledge and skills. The future human talent demands a person with problem-solving ability and innovation ability based on creativity and imagination. These types of talents are called T-shaped talents. Tina Silic is not a person with expertise in a field, but a person with a wide range of insights. It is not tied to stereotypes, but it can open up innovative ways to deal with various problems with an open mind.


“Bill Gates is the habit of letting me be in today’s town library, reading a book that is more valuable than a Harvard diploma.” It is a book that can go on its way with a certain conscience without having to stick to the gaze of the others without a stereotypical and fixed point of view. In the future,  we will be influenced not by what we have now, but by what we are constantly pursuing.


We talk about effect of reading variously. In Korea, there was a scholar who had enough books. The late Chosun dynasty scholar Lee Duk-mu is one of the most readers of books in Korean history. He laughed a lot when he had a book he had not seen so far. He ran into books and found true happiness. He called him a crazy idiot in the book, and called it 看書痴. In the search he wrote, reading makes him forget hunger when he is hungry. You can forget the cold when you read it in cold weather. Stress and anxiety disappear when anxious and distressed. And lastly, when a book is read when a cough is severe, it is said that the cough ceases in an instant because there is no clogging through the aura.


In fact, Dr. David Lewis, a neuroscientist at the University of Sussex, UK, experimented with reading, listening to music, drinking a cup of coffee, playing games and taking a walk. As a result, reading in a quiet place for 6 minutes reduced stress by 68%, lowered heart rate, and relaxed muscles. Next, 61 percent of music appreciation, 54 percent of coffee drinking, and 42 percent of walking were stress relief. The British writer W. Somerset Maugham is bored with conversations and games over time. But when he read a book, he feel like he’s falling into a book like an opium addict.


In his book, “When you hear counsel, you must listen to the sound of the whistle, and when you heal the transgression, you must be like the thief, and with  simplicity and stop the tremble by calmness. he is talking about it in his prose.


Socrates said it is very useful for personal growth and development. It is also possible to make the knowledge gained by the suffering of the others very easily, and to achieve self-development by those who have experienced the sea of great thought, Through that experience, he sailed into the sea of thought.


Firenze is also the place where Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc., have found a place where the passion of learning has come into contact very quickly. In numerous books, the manifestations of various human thoughts, science, art, and culture have become the driving force of the Renaissance’s great human revolution. It is also why the Renaissance could have happened.


Humanities are the way of life. Thinking is like digging a well, it is blurred at first, but it gradually becomes clear. You can not dip your feet in the same river twice. The river is not the same river already. We must develop the power to change and grow. This is the reason why we recommend reading as the fastest way to train the brain. Professor Ryuta Kawashima of the Tohoku University, famous for brain training, says, “When you read a sentence, the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes of the brain are activated.” Is it because the person who reads a lot of books looked good?


Who will be able to solve problems in the future? The time has come for life to survive. You can also solve problems by experiencing various experiences. Experience is time and costly. Books can have a lot of experience in a short time. There are a lot of problems in  book that we will meet in my life. There is also a solution to that problem. Through the book, we can develop problem solving ability to think and solve problems on our own. The learning of the present age is not to memorize information or to accumulate knowledge. And to develop the ability to apply information to problem solving by using it.


Today let’s go out to the big bookstore offline with family. Let’s have a book with a heartbeat while watching various books. The heart-beating book gives us happiness because of the secretion of dopamine in our brains.

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